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The Rates

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Packaged rates

Our rates are "packaged" as follows:

F$150.00 (Fiji dollars) per person per night. This includes accommodation, 3 daily meals, in-between snacks, daily boat trip to surf Frigates Reef,  beachfront snorkelling in "no take" marine park, village tour if interested, Fijian lovo (hungi) night or just RELAX and pick yourself together.


Non-surfing guests:

We would love to be able to offer discounts but we can not do that as yet. We complement that with village tour and free snorkelling. Some  guests bring their own snorkelling gear, whilst we have ours too.


Boat transfer  
The other costs are the transfers from Pacific Harbour to Yanuca.

Usually we charge per person F$25.00 one way or $50 return however if there is a group, the group is charged $120.00 both way. A group would be 3 persons and above, maximum 8.

Transfers to and from Nadi

For guests who want us to pick them up at Nadi, the costs is F$120.00 maximum 4 or 8 people, that is for one way - we usually hire vehicles for this. Return trip is F$240.00



If you come in as a group of say 10, we can then offer discount of 10% per person per night.

We have private rooms available. We do not have a dorm anymore, however we have shared facilities for 3 rooms that sleeps 3 to 4 people and 2 bure with own facilities.

Hope I have helped you with your planning. Tell us what is your decision.

We also ask guests who decide to stay with us to pay a 50% deposit.

Best Regards
Mr. Wise
Phone: (++679 360 9061) or try (++679) 997 8958
In case of difficulties, please call Taito Tabaleka on (++679) 336 1281 or (++679) 992


Prices are subject to change.

Beer and wine tab is separate. BYO spirits is welcome.

You must arrange your own comprehensive travel insurance. 

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Land transfer Nadi airport/ Deuba wharf return can be arranged by us or you can arrange it yourself. Land transfer fare depends on number in group. We will quote you when you book.

If you are in Fiji, don't leave it too late for BOOKING ENQUIRIES as we can often be 'full' due to increasing demand by 'groups'. Please phone us first. Minimum stay is seven days but in some rare instances you might get to stay a shorter time. Just ask.

What to bring

Surfboards: It would be imprudent to state particular board lengths as surfers ride such a variety of refined equipment. Bring boards that will handle significantly more power, like an Indonesian wave. We recommend taking at least three surfboards : one you surf small waves on at home, the other two can be slightly longer, depending on your experience, size, weight and height. These two boards are more likely to be surfed in larger waves which could snap one, so the second is a back up.

Other stuff: waterproof sunscreen and lipscreen, rash vest, shortjohn wetsuit, reef boots, wide-brimmed hat, warm clothing for evening/winter, towels, water-resistant backpack for cameras/clothes/accessories in the boat, complete first-aid kit for reef cuts, small flashlight (torch) and spare batteries, personal toiletries, insect repellent.

For more information go to our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS

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