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Full-length video or just download a clip

Get your full-length video from us when you arrive at Yanuca Island or just download a ten second clip here.

To awaken your appetite for surf at Frigates Reef we hope to add more in the not so distant future.

Once you click on the desired format, a new window will be opened by your browser and play the clip. Alternatively, you can download it by right-clicking on your browser. In Internet Explorer select the "Save Target As" command, in Netscape use the "Save Link Target As" command.

You will need either Microsoft Media Player (larger files but better quality) or Real One Player (small files but lower quality). Use the MPEG (Moving Picture Expert Group) format if you have any other video playing software as most support this standard.

Note: Downloading videos can be time-consuming. To download a 1 Megabyte file, this step will take approximately 10 minutes with a 28.8K modem, 5 minutes with a 56K modem and 2 minutes with ISDN (T1, T3 and other ASDL users should have it instantly). If you have a slower modem, use a download accelerator (e.g.  the free DA Plus from Speedbit or BulletProof).

Real One format
(200 KB)
An 11-second video clip of a surfer at Frigates Reef
Start picture of the video clip
WMF format
(1.1 MB)
MPEG format
(1.9 MB)
MPEG no audio
(1.5 MB)
AVI format

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