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What to bring

Click to enlarge (35284 bytes)Surfboards: It would be imprudent to state particular board lengths as surfers ride such a variety of refined equipment. Bring boards that will handle significantly more power, like an Indonesian wave. We recommend taking at least three surfboards : one you surf small waves on at home, the other two can be slightly longer, depending on your experience, size, weight and height. These two boards are more likely to be surfed in larger waves which could snap one, so the second is a back up.

Other stuff: Waterproof sunscreen and lipscreen, rash vest, shortjohn wetsuit, reef boots, wide-brimmed hat, warm clothing for evening/winter, towels, water-resistant backpack for cameras/clothes/accessories in the boat, complete first-aid kit for reef cuts, small flashlight (torch) and spare batteries, personal toiletries, insect repellent.

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